Case Studies

Pensions get complicated

It is not our client’s lives that are complicated rather changing legislation that makes financial planning so difficult: This client was referred to us by her accountant as she wished to plan to draw her pension benefits from her SIPP. Our client lived overseas and had read that she may be able to transfer her SIPP to an overseas pension in order to save tax.

Inheriting and investing ethically and sustainably

Our client had been gifted a significant sum of money and had a preference for ethical and sustainable investing. Our client had read about the ethical investment credentials of Holden and Partners on our web site. Our client knew very little about investing however was keen to learn particularly how she could invest in accordance with her values.

The financial challenge of divorce

Our client, was in the midst of getting divorced and as part of the divorce settlement was to receive a lump sum payment. Our client needed to know if the lump sum would be adequate to meet her immediate and long term financial needs.

Retirement and tax planning

A client who was concerned about his pension funding and the disparate over complicated nature of his pension arrangements.

He was not conversant of how much in terms of income his total pension arrangements were likely to give him in retirement. He also did not have a clear idea of what is income requirements in retirement were actually likely to be and was not familiar with current pension legislation – in particular the effects of the lifetime allowance.

Financial Planning for complicated families

Our clients were a newly married couple, both had families from previous marriages. Our clients planned to retire over the next few years and wanted to ensure they has sufficient monies to fund their retirement, they also wanted to make sure they would be financially stable in the event of either dying in an untimely manner.

The mix of planning to help them create a clear financial path was complex, so how were we able to help?