Our team of Chartered Financial Planners are specialists in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing and are committed to using ethical and sustainable investments to drive performance in their client portfolios.

Our client had been gifted a significant sum of money and had a preference for ethical and sustainable investing. Our client had read about the ethical investment credentials of Holden & Partners on our website, but knew very little about investing. She was, however, very keen to learn – particularly how she could invest in accordance with her values.

We took into consideration the client’s objectives, ethical preferences and attitude to investment risk and used these criteria to construct a diversified ethical investment portfolio using an ISA and general investment account (GIA). As part of our discussion the client completed an ethical and sustainable questionnaire to help determine areas of interest such as green technology and renewable energy, as well as areas of investment she wished to avoid, such as weapon manufacturing and animal testing.

We arranged a series of meetings, which included our specialist internal investment team, to provide an understanding of our unique ethical and sustainable investment approach.

Once we had made all the necessary arrangements for the client to invest, we then arranged regular meetings to help the client to learn more about the investment process, the importance of asset allocation, fund selection and investing for the long term in a reliable and sustainable manner.

We were able to meet the needs of our client to construct a diversified, ethical investment portfolio and help increase the client’s knowledge about ethical and sustainable investing.

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