At Holden & Partners, our team of financial and wealth advisers work with clients from all walks of life. Here are a few real-life examples of where our financial planners have been able to make a difference to our clients through retirement and tax planning advice, financial planning for intricate family matters and divorce proceedings as well as pension advice. Wherever relevant, we also seek to offer financial advice on ethical and sustainable investments.

Financial Planning for complicated families

Our Chartered Financial Planners have a wealth of experience gained from working with a wide variety of clients. They are well equipped to listen to your specific financial goals and offer the relevant financial advice to assist you with your wealth management, retirement and tax planning requirements. Our clients were a newly married couple, both of whom had families from …

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Retirement and tax planning

Our retirement planners are experts in offering financial advice and tax planning when it comes to structuring your pensions. They are also highly experienced in understanding your retirement plans and ensuring that your pensions are structured in the best way to ensure that you can achieve your long-term financial goals. A client was concerned about his pension funding and the …

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The financial challenge of divorce

There are a number of financial implications when it comes to divorce such as sharing of assets and  pensions and future financial planning and wealth management. At Holden & Partners our team of independent financial advisers are specialist in providing the necessary financial advice required during a divorce settlement. Our client was in the midst of getting divorced and we …

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Inheriting and investing responsibly

Our team of Chartered Financial Planners are experienced in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing and are committed to using responsible investments in their client portfolios. Our client had been gifted a significant sum of money and had a preference for responsible investing. Our client had read about the ethical investment credentials of Holden & Partners on our website, but …

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Pensions get complicated

Pension and retirement planning is an important part of the financial advice process that our retirement planners offer. It is not our clients’ lives that are complicated, rather the changing legislation that makes financial planning so difficult. A client was referred to us by her accountant as she wished to draw her pension benefits from her SIPP. Our client lived …

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