There is a growing awareness, both locally and globally, that people need to do more to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

We understand that many people have increasingly strong environmental and ethical beliefs, and want these considerations to be placed at the forefront of their financial planning, wealth management and investments.

Since our inception, we are proud to have placed an emphasis on ethical investments and actively encouraged our clients to contemplate investing in a way that encompasses both sustainable and environmental considerations.

We have been pioneering this green approach to investing since 2003 and consequently have extensive knowledge of ethical and sustainable investments.

While responsible investments lie at the heart of what we do, we understand that every client will have different requirements. By understanding your values, areas of concern, attitude towards risk and expectations of return our financial planners can effectively advise you on your wealth management and truly make a difference.

Historically your desire to invest in ethical investments could have been hampered by a lack of choice and concerns (which weren’t necessarily borne out in reality) about the relative underperformance of these environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments.

Fortunately, the investment world continues to evolve and now there is a far greater range of both environmental and ethical and sustainable investment funds from which we can construct a fully diversified investment portfolio.

We have experienced financial planners with extensive knowledge of advising ethically-minded investors. These Chartered Financial Planners work closely alongside a team of investment managers that specialises in ethical and sustainable investing. We believe that our long history in ESG investing combined with our expertise in financial planning makes us unique.

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