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We are a Chartered firm of independent financial advisers based in Farringdon, London. Formed in 2003, we serve clients across the UK.

Our in-house investment team has an established reputation for their ethical, sustainable and thematic approach to investing. We have pioneered this gentle path ever since our inception.


Chartered is the gold standard for financial planning firms. It is this commitment to the highest standards of knowledge and professionalism which enables us to build enduring, successful partnerships with our clients.


B Corp Certified

Our Philosophy

Our logo has been designed to reflect our approach and philosophy to financial advice. The symbols are a combination of three Anglo Saxon Runes, which stand for: wealth, abundance, protection.



In ancient times, ‘wealth’ encompassed spirituality, health, friends and surroundings, not just material possessions. Whatever you consider wealth to be, we will help you to maximise yours.



Abundance is linked with fertility and harvest. It symbolises a deep and binding commitment or partnership. We are committed to helping you preserve and harvest the fruits of your hard work.



For our ancestors, protection came from spirit guides, gods or guardian angels. Today, we see ourselves as sympathetic guides who will give you the support you need to tackle your personal finances.

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Whether it’s a question about your personal finances or how you can invest your wealth more ethically, we are here to help. Call us on 020 7812 1460, email info@holden-partners.co.uk or complete the form: