At Holden & Partners our independent financial advisers and investment managers are specialists in the investment advice that they give and the services that they offer our clients. When providing investment advice, we are sure to highlight the benefits of ethical and sustainable investments and the positive social and environmental impact of investing in this way .

Our clients have differing needs and differing experiences as far as investment markets are concerned. Our approach to offering financial advice to our clients is both informative and collaborative. Our investment managers will invest your funds in a manner suiting your investment preferences, your life plans and the degree of investment risk appropriate for your circumstances.

We help you plan your investments responsibly and sustainably

Many of our clients have an active interest in ensuring their investments meet their needs but importantly do not want to compromise the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Our experience shows that investors who adopt this ethical and sustainable approach in their investment portfolios have been rewarded with consistent levels of return that do not in any way adversely affect their objectives. Sustainable investing is an area of growing importance, both for the population and us as a business.

We employ professional investment analysts

Holden & Partners employs a team of in-house investment analysts who are dedicated to investment research, fund selection and portfolio management. The investment team also contributes to our quarterly Investment Committee which is led by an external chair. The Investment Committee meets to discuss our views on global and domestic economic trends so that we can formulate our long-term strategic and tactical approach to asset allocation across our client portfolios.

We ask for your permission before we trade

We are advisory fund managers. This means our investment managers will always ask you to confirm you are happy with any investment recommendations suggested in respect of your portfolio.

We assist charities

We support a number of charities to invest in accordance with their investment principles, providing guidance and understanding to trustee boards. Our specialism in ethical, sustainable and responsible investing is of great importance in this area.

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