How we quote on our financial planning fees

At Holden & Partners our team of independent financial advisers are specialists in financial planning, retirement and pension planning, wealth management, business protection and ethical and sustainable investment advice for individuals, families, businesses and charities.

Our initial meeting with you is free of charge, and gives us an opportunity to fully understand and evaluate your financial situation. We then seek to establish how we can use our expertise in financial planning, ethical and sustainable investments, tax, pension and wealth management advice and protection to provide a solution that will best meet your objectives.

Once we have determined this, we will provide you with a Letter of Engagement, which is specific to your needs and will detail the financial advice and services we have agreed to carry out on your behalf, and the associated costs. Work – which might include for example environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment advice, retirement planning, critical illness cover, or a sustainable investment strategy– will only commence once the Letter of Engagement has been signed and returned to us.

Our range of services and financial planning fees

The strategic financial planning fees detailed below provide an indication of the costs involved within specific areas of advice – from strategic tax planning to ethical investment advice. The fee charged depends on the complexity of work involved and is based on our hourly rates shown. Please note that any fixed fee will be agreed to with you prior to engagement – we do not charge by the hour. In certain cases, these fees could be subject to VAT; however, we will confirm this in our Letter of Engagement and our specific recommendations.

Strategic Financial Planning Fees

Scope of work Range of Fees
Financial plan with comprehensive cash flow analysis £1,500 - £5,000
Retirement planning £1,250 - £3,000
Estate and inheritance tax planning £2,500 - £5,000
Review of legacy investments £1,250 - £3,000
Review of legacy pension provision £2,000 - £5,000
Pension transfers (incl. defined benefit plans) £2,000 - £5,000
Equity release £1,500 - £5,000
Long-term care £1,250 - £3,000
Alternative investments (including EIS, VCT and SITR investments) £1,500 - £5,000
Charitable gifting strategy £1,250 - £3,000

Our fees are based on our hourly rates as follows:

Our Hourly Rates Range of Fees
Partner or Chartered Financial Planner £375 + VAT per hour
Paraplanner £175 + VAT per hour
Adviser support £100 + VAT per hour

Implementation Fees

For the implementation of an agreed plan, where we facilitate the purchase of investments or the investment of transferred funds, our fee is based on a percentage of the amount you invest and/or transfer.

Implementation Fees Percentage Fee
Percentage fee applied to the value of monies invested or transferredExample: if you invest/transfer £250,000 into an ISA, general account, investment bond or pension, our implementation fee would be £2,500 1%
Percentage fee applied to the value of monies invested or transferred into an alternative investment schemeExample: if you invest £50,000 into a VCT, EIS, SeedEIS, SITR pr BPR product, our implementation fee would be £1,500 3%

For new clients our implementation fee is subject to a minimum of £1,250. Please note that in cases where the scope of work is significant, we may charge more than that quoted.

Portfolio Services

The ongoing wealth management service will help ensure you are on track to achieve your goals and the service provided is bespoke to your requirements. The table below provides an indication of the client service:

For whom: Clients who require light-touch services from their financial planner but also require ongoing investment management. Clients will have investable assets of under £200,000. The initial review will identify both financial planning and investment needs.

For whom: Clients who require bespoke advice and an ongoing relationship with their financial planner. Typically, clients will have investable assets of between £200,000 and £1 million.

For whom: Clients who require highly bespoke advice and an ongoing relationship with their financial planner. Typically, clients will have investable assets in excess of £1 million

Portfolio Size
Up to £200,000

£200,000 - £1 million

£1 million +
Annual portfolio valuation and performance summary
Investment portfolio service
Online access to portfolio valuations
Benefit from expert in-house investment team and committee
Adviser meeting, with financial planning and investment review Annual* Annual Half-yearly
Active utilisation of annual allowances, where possible (e.g. ISA, CGT) -
Financial plan and cash flow modelling - By agreement
Annual meeting with an Investment Manager - By agreement
Liaison with 3rd party professionals -
Invitation to our client events -
Charitable gifting strategies - -
Holden & Partners on-going fee is based on a percentage of the amount you invest and / or transfer 1% 1% 1% up to £1M;
0.6% on the next £1M;
0.35% thereafter
Transactional / switching charge Nil Nil Nil
Third party discretionary manager (based on value of managed monies) 0.50% 0.50% 0.50%

* Unlike the two or three rune service, the annual portfolio review for one rune clients is normally carried out via virtual meetings, email or telephone. However, meetings at our office are also available.

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