We are thrilled to have recertified as a B Corp following our three-yearly assessment. We have boosted our B Corp score from 87.5 when we became a B Corp, to 108.7 today. We have made ground in multiple areas, but it’s these three where we have made the biggest difference:

1. We track and offset our carbon emissions, becoming Carbon Positive

In 2022 we signed the NetZero 2030 pledge and appointed consultants to review our carbon emissions. We achieved ‘carbon positive’ status by off-setting five times our carbon footprint, using a blend of offsets from a gold standard wind project (Karntaka Wind Farm, India) and a Verra CCBA forestry project (Maisa REDD+ Project, Moju, Brazil) to mix biodiversity protection and restoration with fuel switching to renewable energy.

2. A larger portion of our assets under management is in sustainable investments

By far the largest impact we can make is in the funds we select on behalf of our clients, and in educating our clients in the benefits of sustainable investment. We now manage more sustainably screened investments as a total of our assets under management than when we originally certified in 2020. We expect this trend to continue over the next three years when we next recertify as clients continue to demand more from their investments.

3. We amended the Holden & Partners partnership agreement

When we originally certified in 2020, we completed the B Corp agreement. Since then, we have amended our partnership agreement to ensure that the company acts in a manner that considers all stakeholders – customers, workers, suppliers, communities, investors, and the environment – when carrying out every element of our business. This means that the B Corp ethos is fully and legally enshrined in the foundations of our firm.

B Corp told us that the average increase upon recertification is 4.14 points, so we’re pleased that we have improved our own performance by more than five times the average. We are even more determined to take further steps to benefit people and planet and we have formed a B Corp team to make progress across the five key areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. Watch this space…

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