At Holden & Partners we help our clients to plan and achieve their financial goals. We understand that every individual has their own aspirations and priorities, whether that is to stop work by a certain age, or to have sufficient assets and income to meet their desired lifestyle in retirement. We believe having a financial plan in place is an excellent foundation to help achieve your goals and this is where cash flow planning can help provide answers to your financial questions.

What is cash flow planning?

A cash flow plan is an assessment and projection of your assets, income, and expenditure over your lifetime. The aim is to assess how likely it is that you will be able to meet your financial goals. Our aim is to provide clarity and peace of mind for our clients whilst empowering them to be confident in their financial decisions. We understand that each plan is personal and we believe it is crucial to consider the longer term as well as more immediate objectives.

Cash flow software helps with forecasting and formulating a strategy for your financial future. This will provide you with clarity of how your income needs can be met in your lifetime and can help identify any possible shortfalls and potential solutions. We use cash flow to help ascertain the potential financial impact any decision could have before finalising a strategy. This means decisions can then be implemented with confidence. It is important that any strategy is reviewed regularly to ensure you remain on track and the plan is adapted as personal circumstances change over time.

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I have been a customer of Holden & Partners since its inception. During this time, no matter what the state of the financial climate, I have always found that their advice has been balanced and fair. They have a good understanding of everyone’s individual circumstances and produced tailored strategies to match these needs and expectations.

Duncan B, NHS consultant

I’ve always received high quality, personable advice at a time of my convenience. My adviser has often travelled to my home in order to provide very personal service. The advice given is clear and unambiguous. The risks of different types of investment have been clearly discussed to allow me to make an appropriate decision on the nature of my investment portfolio. This has been of great importance when considering the available investment options for my forthcoming retirement. I have always considered that Holden & Partners is very client centred and they have my best interests at heart. I have been with Holden & Partners since 1996 and have recommended them to friends and colleagues on many occasions.

Michael, Surgeon

Holden & Partners manage our company pension scheme with a totally professional and dedicated approach. They have worked with us over a number of years, and are able to explain the potential ‘minefield’ that is pensions, to make it perfectly accessible for the staff.

Jeremy, Print Management Partner

Holden & Partners offer everything I want from financial advisers. They are highly efficient, independent and trustworthy. They understand their clients and give them a great service. The peace of mind they offer me is invaluable in allowing me to get on with my work and family life.

Peter, director of publishing company

Holden & Partners provide me with a friendly, efficient and personalised service that has been tailored over time to meet my changing needs and priorities. I value their ability to always be one step ahead and lead me seamlessly through the maze of paperwork.

Helen, former Investment Banker

Holden & Partners clearly ‘read’ our financial needs and requirements very well. Most of our queries will have been well anticipated. Where changes of mind are offered, we get practical reasons, not excuses. And outside review periods we have the sense that the vigilance continues on our behalf.

Chris, professional copy-writer

On retirement after 40 years of salaried employment, I interviewed several financial advisers, amongst whom Mark Dodd of Holden & Partners was the nicest and seemingly the most understanding of my investment needs and priorities. Since then my wife and I have had regular (c.6-monthly) meetings with him in order to check and, when necessary, adjust the holdings in our portfolio. This has been very helpful and provided a comforting sense of confidence and security. I have recommended Holden & Partners to others and will certainly continue to do so.

Patrick, retired university professor

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of global trends such as climate change and environmental destruction. But I feel I regain power as a consumer and a citizen by thinking about where I spend my money and to whom I entrust my savings. I chose Holden and Partners because they were recommended to me and because of their strong track record in ethical investments. It has proven to be a wise choice. Their advisors listened carefully to my needs and created an investment strategy and portfolio that has met and indeed continues to exceed my expectations. The culture of a company also matters to me, I have found their advisors to be well informed and financially shrewd but also easy to speak to and engage with. Many of us find it difficult to trust institutions and organisations these days, but I do trust Holden and Partners to make the right decisions on my behalf.
I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Patrick, Advertising and Marketing Consultant

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