At Holden & Partners we help our clients to plan and achieve their financial goals. We understand that every individual has their own aspirations and priorities, whether that is to stop work by a certain age, or to have sufficient assets and income to meet their desired lifestyle in retirement. We believe having a financial plan in place is an excellent foundation to help achieve your goals and this is where cash flow planning can help provide answers to your financial questions.

What is cash flow planning?

A cash flow plan is an assessment and projection of your assets, income, and expenditure over your lifetime. The aim is to assess how likely it is that you will be able to meet your financial goals. Our aim is to provide clarity and peace of mind for our clients whilst empowering them to be confident in their financial decisions. We understand that each plan is personal and we believe it is crucial to consider the longer term as well as more immediate objectives.

Cash flow software helps with forecasting and formulating a strategy for your financial future. This will provide you with clarity of how your income needs can be met in your lifetime and can help identify any possible shortfalls and potential solutions. We use cash flow to help ascertain the potential financial impact any decision could have before finalising a strategy. This means decisions can then be implemented with confidence. It is important that any strategy is reviewed regularly to ensure you remain on track and the plan is adapted as personal circumstances change over time.

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