Download Holden & Partners’ latest guide where our experts outline the value of having an up to date will, as well as the importance of the often overlooked ‘lasting power of attorney.’

It’s one of those truisms of life, that by the time you need a will, it’s too late to write one! We all know that we should have one in place – particularly if we have children, co-own property with a partner or have particular wishes for our money, such as giving to charity or a non-related person, but it can be all to easy to come up with reasons to put it off as an uncomfortable intrusion in our busy lives.

Hand in hand with will writing is the process of dedicating lasting power of attorney (LPA). This means choosing trusted individuals to ensure our living wishes are respected, even if we are unwell or incapable of managing our own affairs or medical decisions.

These are not things to leave until we are old or facing ill health – they underpin all sound financial planning and take the stress away from others in difficult circumstances that may arise.

You can find out more about the benefits of wills and LPAs in our guide, based on the law in England and Wales, here.

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