Who are we:

Formed in 2003, Holden & Partners is a Chartered firm of independent financial advisers based in Farringdon, London. We are one of a minority of independent financial advisers to have achieved Chartered status.

The firm also has a number of advisers who are affiliates of the Society of Tax and Estate Practioners, allowing us to represent both individuals and professionals in the most challenging areas of advice.

As well as being highly qualified, our advisers and our firm are organised to deliver a first class service to our clients, which helps us build enduring partnerships and trust with all that use our services.

What we do:

We provide financial planning advice and investment advice (or ‘wealth management’ advice as it is also called), to individuals, charities, trusts and companies.

We provide advice to individuals and family groups, assisting them to plan and achieve their financial goals. Our clients come from many walks of life; some have successful careers, some have inherited and many want guidance to invest their financial assets responsibly in a manner that is ethical and sustainable.

We provide a broad range of services to companies. We help ensure a business is protected in the event a key employee falls unwell or dies, we guide and organise company pension arrangements, helping to untangle the pensions maze for the benefit of employers and employees.

We provide guidance to charity trustees, helping them to organise and manage the funds collected by their benefactors in a manner that meets the criteria laid down by their investment mandate.

Why choose Holden & Partners?

How we handle complaints:

We take great pride in the way that we deal with our clients, but should you have a complaint please contact Mark Pate by phone or in writing at Holden & Partners, 117 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3BX, 0207 812 1460. We will deal with your complaint in accordance with our complaints procedure.

If you cannot reach agreement with us, you may be entitled to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service here.