Our Service Charges


What are our charges?

The nature of our work is wide ranging and our fees are dependent on time spent, complexity of work being undertaken and the asset values you ask us to manage on your behalf.

Our first meeting is normally at no cost to you and we will use our meeting time to get to know you and learn more about your circumstances.  We will then be able to advise you of the nature and level of service appropriate to your needs.

We will always advise you in writing and agree the cost of the service we are to provide in advance of commencing our work.

We have two main fee categories that reflect the diversity of our work:

For financial advice

Financial planning fees are charged on a case by case basis, the value of which will depend on the complexity of the work we are engaging in, though our normal minimum fee for this work is £1,250.  Some of our clients prefer to pay us an ad valorem fee to spread the cost of advice over the year.

Where we are asked to manage larger investment balances, we will discount the financial planning fees charge, which is agreed on a case by case basis with our clients.

We will discuss and agree our fees with you in advance of our commencing work on your behalf.

For advisory fund management

If you ask us to manage your investment portfolio we will charge:

  • An initial fee of 1% of the amounts invested, based on a minimum portfolio size of £250,000.  This excludes amounts invested into cash, such as deposit accounts and National Savings Accounts, though we may agree separate fees with you when advising on cash deposits.
  • An annual management fee based on the value of the investments under advice: 1% up to £1M; 0.60% on the next £1M; and 0.35% over £2M.

We do not charge each time a change is made to the investments within the portfolio.  This aligns the interests of the client and adviser and does not encourage excessive switching of investments.


In some cases, where financial planning is allied to the investment of client funds, the costs of our financial planning advice are incorporated within our standard costs of investment.

Third party fees are also incurred in the administration of our portfolios and where applicable, these are detailed in our Description of Fees & Services.

VAT may be chargeable, depending on the nature of the transaction/advice given.