Our Philosophy


Our company logo has been designed to symbolise our approach and philosophy to financial advice. The symbols are a combination of three Anglo Saxon Runes, which stand for: wealth, abundance, protection. The runes logo was designed by Richard Pyne and Paul Sharp, both friends of Holden & Partners.


In ancient times, the idea of wealth encompassed spirituality, health, friends and surroundings as well as material possessions. Wealth meant everything that people had to share, rather than just what they owned. Whatever you consider your greatest wealth to be, by helping you look after your money, we will help you value your wealth to the full.


This rune represents the abundance of good things around us and within us. It is linked with fertility and harvest and symbolises a deep and binding commitment or partnership. To us, this rune is a sign of our commitment to preserve and harvest the fruits of your hard work.


For our ancestors, protection came from spirit guides, gods or guardian angels. People were comforted by the thought that they were not alone in a mysterious and complex world. Today, we see ourselves as sympathetic guides who will give you the support you need to tackle your personal finances.