Investment Advice

Our clients have differing needs and differing experiences as far as investment markets are concerned. Our approach with clients is informative and collaborative and we aim to invest your funds in a manner suiting your investment preferences, your life plans and the degree of investment risk appropriate for your circumstances.

We help you plan your investments responsibly and sustainably:

Many of our clients have an active interest in ensuring their investments meet their needs but do not want to compromise the ability of future generations to meet theirs. We call this style of investing Ethical, Sustainable and Thematic (EST). We offer an increasing number of our clients, portfolios for those who wish to invest in the EST style.

Experience shows investors who adopt the EST theme in their portfolios have been rewarded with consistent levels of return which do not supersede the financial objectives or values of our clients.

We employ professional fund managers:

Holden & Partners employ in house investment professionals who are dedicated to investment research. They also provide guidance to our investment committee, regarding the themes unfolding in financial markets and asset classes which may benefit or lose from these.

We regularly meet our clients to discuss and review their portfolios:

Our investment committee meet regularly to discuss the themes and trends unfolding in financial markets. We are however long term investors and whilst changes are made to our client portfolios from time to time, too many changes can damage investment returns.

We ask for your permission before we trade:

We are advisory fund managers which means we will always ask you to confirm you are happy with the investment recommendations made in respect of your portfolio.

We assist charities:

Charities operate in an increasingly challenging investment environment. We can assist charities to invest in accordance with their investment principles, providing guidance and understanding to trustee boards who are often tasked to achieve investment returns not commensurate with their investment mandate.