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In this edition:
• Jack Rawcliffe considers the impact of inflation
• Joe Wigens focuses on changes to the state pension
• Aram Kupelian and Rachael Foy evaluate the importance of cash flow planning
• Stefani Williams writes on the importance of having adequate life assurance provisions in place
• Mark Dodd looks at the Innovative Finance ISA

Feature article: The often under-appreciated benefits of charitable giving.

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The Autumn Budget 2017:
The Chancellor has announced a steady as you go Autumn Budget.
The highlight of his mildly expansionary package was a new stamp duty land tax relief for first time home-buyers (outside Scotland)…

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In this edition:
• An alternative approach
• Reflections on money and financial planning
• Changing technology
• “Let them eat cake”
• To be or not to be a trustee
• Investing in property – post brexit update
• End of tax year planning
• Hammer blow to pension savers
• Complex world of pension planning
• Investing in the ‘un-investable’

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hp-newsletter-novemberIn the latest edition, Jack Rawcliffe looks at the implications of a UK exit from the EU, Stefani Rogers reviews the dividend tax regime, Amelia Sexton discusses the impact of the UN Paris agreement, Neil Sargeant looks at the latest round of proposed changes to pensions and Aram Kupelian considers how the new inheritance tax regime will work. Finally, Reece Biggadike evaluates end of tax year planning opportunities.

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hp-review-issue-13bIn this edition:
• Thirsty work – aligning portfolios with the global water shortage
• The euro zone – has anything changed?
• Using ISAs for your retirement
• A focus on pensions

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hp-review-issue-12In this edition:
• The curious case of Brazil
• Pharma – a healthy future?
• Pension – freedom of choice
• Peer-to-peer lending

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hp-review-issue-11In this edition:
• Fracking – what are the UK’s energy options?
• New pension changes to consider
• Demystifying absolute return
• Update to inheritance tax

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hp-review-issue-10In this edition:
• On thin ice – the risks of oil drilling in the Arctic
• The importance of wills & powers of attorney
• Taking a look at the sustainability agenda
• ISA’s or pensions? The pros and cons

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hp-review-issue-9In this edition:
• Pensions time bomb – don’t get caught out in April
• Knowing when (and when not) to invest
• The growing importance of environment issues
• Some important dates for your diary in 2014

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hp-review-issue-8In this edition:
• Clean energy – opportunities in a diverse market
• Taking a look at the companies avoiding tax
• Planning for the cost of your family’s education
• Understanding auto enrolment
• Finding out the risks of retail bonds

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hp-review-issue-7In this edition:
• Japan – paradigm shift
• A following wind – What does offshore wind power mean?
• Financial advice for those leaving or returning to the UK
• Ideas for the end of the tax year
• A personal experience of solar investment

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hp-review-issue-6In this edition:
• Going for gold – Investing in metal or mining
• Europe – Is now the time to invest?
• The rising cost of long-term care
• Geothermal energy
• The impact of RDR

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In this edition:
• Ethical investment – Under water?
• A wider view of social investment
• Navigating the pensions landscape
• Intestacy – one size fits all?
• Is austerity working

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hp-review-issue-4In this edition:
• Euro in crisis – Shares volatile, dividends resilient
• Making a decision on fixed protection for pensions
• New Pension Scheme

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hp-review-issue-3In this edition:
• Going nuclear – Nuclear energy: renaissance, interrupted?
• Grape returns – The case for fine wine investment
• Saving for the future

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hp-review-issue-2In this edition:
• Solar power – Is it still worth investing in solar?
• The retail distribution review
• Focus on retirement

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hp-review-issue-1In this edition:
• If a week is a long time in politics
• Protecting your wealth
• Difficult times – One of the toughest budgets in living memory
• The growing area of climate change investment

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