Services to Professionals

Many of our clients have complex financial arrangements; some will already have professional advisers, whilst some will need to appoint advisers to access the skills they need from various specialist sectors of the professional services market place.

Similarly, professionals will encounter situations where their clients require financial planning guidance in connection with, for example, divorce, employment, domicile or residency. At Holden & Partners we have a strong understanding of the legislative framework for appropriate and effective financial planning across these complex advice areas.

Our approach with professionals is collaborative and we have strong relationships with legal, accounting and other professional services firms. These relationships allow us to offer a holistic approach to dealing with our clients financial planning matters, providing a hub through which multiple tiers of advice can be sourced.

If you would like to know more about the services Holden & Partners offer to professional firms please get in touch with one of our specialist advisers, you will find their details here.