Divorce and Separation

Unfortunately, a significant number of marriages end in divorce. This can be an extremely stressful process and the decisions made can have major, long-term financial consequences. Accordingly, it is crucial that specialist financial advice is sought to ensure accurate information is obtained and appropriate decisions made with regard to the distribution of marital assets.

Whatever the reason for the split, you will probably be faced with all sorts of questions:

  • Where will I live and what can I afford?
  • How much money will I need to live?
  • How do we agree the split of our assets?

Holden & Partners will work with you in answering those concerns and provide a critical role in the divorce process. We will work in conjunction with your solicitor in negotiating an equitable financial settlement and avoid costly mistakes that could have repercussions for many years into the future.

The Legal formality of getting divorced is a relatively straightforward process. What is less straightforward is sorting out the practical issues in splitting the financial assets to meet both short term and long term goals of both parties involved.

Our divorce service can include:

  • Helping you complete the Form E (which sets out your financial details). We can help obtain current information relating to pension plans, investments and savings in a timely and cost effectively manner.
  • Upon the exchange of the Form E, check for errors or inconsistencies such as inaccurate pension values (cash equivalent transfer values) or missing information.
  • If you have embarked on a collaborative divorce we are qualified to act as a financial neutral.
  • We can help identify and explain the various options in dealing with pension benefits.
  • We can provide cash flow analysis to help you consider the implications of accepting a financial settlement and how it may affect your future lifestyle.
  • If pension benefits are to be received, we can implement the pension sharing orders.

Holden & Partners has wide experience of dealing with the intricacies of divorce settlements and can offer highly qualified pension transfer specialists (including a Resolution accredited IFA to act as a financial neutral in a collaborative divorce).

Following the completion of a divorce settlement, you may find yourself faced with tax, investments and pension planning decisions that you had not previously considered. We can assist you in dealing with the financial planning, investment and taxation issues that can arise.