Employee Financial Education

The cost of providing benefits to your employees can be significant. To ensure employees understand the options and appreciate the full value those important benefits, we design and produce a range of financial education programmes to suit the needs of the business and employees. The critical aim is to allow your employees to make better informed decisions.

The programmes can include:

  • One to one meetings – To meet with specific employees when joining the Company to ensure they fully understand their options when joining the benefits programme. This can be particularly useful where you do not have full HR functions in all business locations
  • Retirement Planning – When approaching retirement, employees face a range of retirement options, which can seem bewildering and complex. We help employees understand their options and make informed choices at this important time in their lives
  • Drop in Surgery – We provide your employees the opportunity to meet with one of our advisers to discuss any queries they may have in relation to their benefits or general financial matters.