Environmental Policy

We are committed to minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment and engage in positive activities that have a lasting benefit on the environment.

External promotions that benefit the environment

  • We have a history of supporting ethical and environmental investments within the financial services industry and in the past have worked with Worldwise Investor (now Blue & Green Investor) to provide analysis, news and up to date information.
  • We helped set up and have been judges on the on the annual Climate Change and Sustainable Investment Awards.
  • Our clients have supported a number of renewable projects from early stage wind farm developments through to solar parks, hydro power schemes and tidal power technologies.
  • We were awarded Responsible Investment Adviser of the year 2014 by Unbiased.


  • We are active members of the Ethical and Environmental Investment Association which is an association of financial advisers from around the UK, dedicated to the promotion of green and ethical investment.
  • We are also members of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association known as UKSIF which promotes responsible investment and other forms of finance that support sustainable economic development, enhance quality of life and safeguard the environment.

Promotion of environmental investment to clients

  • We give all our clients the option of investing in funds that benefit the environment.
  • We seek to understand our client’s values through our in depth ethical and environmental investment survey which covers specific areas relating to their views on the environment and ethical screening.
  • We incorporate environmental funds in all of our portfolios as we believe over the long term environmentally focused technologies and investments in resource efficiency will outperform.  We also believe investments in companies where sustainability is as at the heart of their operations will prove to be “winners” in the long term.
  • We have a history of working closely with ethical investment funds and organisations such as Triodos Bank.
  • We have also supported publications such as Resurgence and Green Futures.

Our office

  • We source all our energy for our office from the renewable energy supplier, Good Energy.
  • We minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • We actively promote recycling both internally and with our suppliers.
  • We actively try to reduce the amount of paper we use and all our correspondence and files are electronically saved and backed-up in secure systems.
  • We only buy seasonal flowers for our office.

Staff engagement

  • We actively encourage our employees not to travel by road and currently all staff travel by bicycle or public transport to work.
  • We encourage and provide a tax free savings on a bicycle for employees through the bike to work scheme www.cyclescheme.co.uk.
  • Our staff have the option of investing in ethical funds through the staff pension scheme.